They’re here!

So, my babies are more than four weeks old, now, and I’ve just realized I haven’t written about it here. Most of my approximately eight blog readers already know the details, since I’ve talked about it in all my usual online places, but I consider my blog to be the ONE place I sort of … More They’re here!

Two by two

I took this picture a few weeks ago. I’d spent about an hour getting the seats all put together the way I wanted, and putting on the little BundleMe-s (because February babies get cold!) and suddenly it hit me. Two. TWO carseats! TWO BABIES. AGAIN. I think I’ve been having a hard time really comprehending … More Two by two

What. the?!

OK, I am on another planet. I am the Mayor of Crazytown. My life is so not normal that it would feel weird if something went as planned. Because this?! This does not happen to everyone. In fact, it’s never happened to anyone I actually know. Yes. That is another set of twins. WHAT. THE?!! … More What. the?!

Busy, busy bee

I meant to say last time that yes, those are my lilies up there! I know it’s full-blown summer when they bloom; they’re my favorite, and that bright yellow color, especially, makes me seriously giddy. I love that set of bulbs, specifically, because I planted them three summers ago when we were putting our old … More Busy, busy bee