On Creativity

So, here’s the thing about me and creativity: I have long been certain and professed openly that I don’t have any. Before we go any further, let me clarify that I don’t believe creativity and talent are the same thing. I’m an excellent execute-er (not to be confused with executor. Hahaha.), and I have lots … More On Creativity

Once Upon a Time…

…I had the busiest summer ever, and then when everything was finished, I died. OK, not really. But kinda. I’ve been such a lazy slob for the last few weeks, it’s kind of unbelievable. I finished off October with the babies’ Halloween costumes and promptly declared myself “on vacation” from any new projects. I’ve basically … More Once Upon a Time…

Busy, busy bee

I meant to say last time that yes, those are my lilies up there! I know it’s full-blown summer when they bloom; they’re my favorite, and that bright yellow color, especially, makes me seriously giddy. I love that set of bulbs, specifically, because I planted them three summers ago when we were putting our old … More Busy, busy bee

Surreal, but nice.

That’s how I’m feeling lately: being pregnant still seems kind of surreal. I’m about 6 weeks along now, but for some reason, part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. For starters, I don’t *feel* pregnant. I mean, I should–I’m constantly walking around feeling like someone’s punched me in the boob. And … More Surreal, but nice.