They’re here!

So, my babies are more than four weeks old, now, and I’ve just realized I haven’t written about it here. Most of my approximately eight blog readers already know the details, since I’ve talked about it in all my usual online places, but I consider my blog to be the ONE place I sort of … More They’re here!

C’est fini!

I’ve spent the last two months busting my rear on little christening outfits for Audrey and Rowan. I’ve loved making them–they’re so wee! And pretty! And white yarn really does look so crisp and sweet all knitted up. But I’ve been ready to be done, now, for about two weeks, so I’m proud to announce … More C’est fini!

Two by two

I took this picture a few weeks ago. I’d spent about an hour getting the seats all put together the way I wanted, and putting on the little BundleMe-s (because February babies get cold!) and suddenly it hit me. Two. TWO carseats! TWO BABIES. AGAIN. I think I’ve been having a hard time really comprehending … More Two by two

What. the?!

OK, I am on another planet. I am the Mayor of Crazytown. My life is so not normal that it would feel weird if something went as planned. Because this?! This does not happen to everyone. In fact, it’s never happened to anyone I actually know. Yes. That is another set of twins. WHAT. THE?!! … More What. the?!

Surreal, but nice.

That’s how I’m feeling lately: being pregnant still seems kind of surreal. I’m about 6 weeks along now, but for some reason, part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. For starters, I don’t *feel* pregnant. I mean, I should–I’m constantly walking around feeling like someone’s punched me in the boob. And … More Surreal, but nice.

How a pregnancy test made me a crazy person, and other adventures.

See this? This: is what I got this morning when I attempted approximately my 7th pregnancy test in two weeks. I know, I know–it’s ridiculous to go through that many tests. But when you’re nauseous to the point of puking every few days, and your boobs feel like they’re going to explode, you take them. … More How a pregnancy test made me a crazy person, and other adventures.