So, no offense to anyone else, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fact that I have the most creative children on Earth. (Note: they did not get this gene from me. It’s all their dad, for sure.) When my mom called to wish me a happy birthday on Saturday, she asked if my family had … More 35!

Once Upon a Time…

…I had the busiest summer ever, and then when everything was finished, I died. OK, not really. But kinda. I’ve been such a lazy slob for the last few weeks, it’s kind of unbelievable. I finished off October with the babies’ Halloween costumes and promptly declared myself “on vacation” from any new projects. I’ve basically … More Once Upon a Time…


So, my boys are eight, and in case you’re not familiar with eight-year-olds, that’s prime age for all things magical and secret. Last week was my birthday, and I knew my boys were up to something (a. because the Jonah can’t keep a secret to save his life, and kept telling me, “We’re doing something … More Surprise!!

Two months old

Whew–the babies are almost 10 weeks old, now, and it seems like every day is both so long and so short! My hours are a blur of feed, burp, nap (the babies and me, too–if I’m lucky!), and try desperately to keep up with the housework and spend time with my boys. Before I know … More Two months old