A Season of Simplicity

It’s been snowing this week. That’s not unusual in most parts of the country, but here, we never know whether we’ll have snow on the ground in December, much less a white Christmas. It’s beautiful when the sun breaks gleaming over the white-frosted rooftops, making the snow-laden trees glow as they catch the light. Yesterday … More A Season of Simplicity

My Grown-Up Christmas

Driving home just now, Michael Bublé’s Grown-Up Christmas List came on, and I burst into tears. That song has always gotten to me. A few years ago, I discovered it while making a slideshow for my parents, and I came across this photo: Something about pairing the two, even just in my head, now, makes … More My Grown-Up Christmas

Milk Glass Memories

When I was a young child, Ruth and Bill Fisher watched me and my brother for a few hours each afternoon. They were an older couple, probably in their fifties, and I loved them dearly. Endlessly kind, spunky, and patient, they were like surrogate grandparents to me: my own grandparents were either living in Utah, … More Milk Glass Memories

What’s New?

Hi, there! What’s new with you? We’re in the full swing of summer at our house–swimming at Grandma’s and grilling burgers for dinner and Otter Pops and bike rides and sprinklers under the trampoline. Despite the heat, we’re having a good time. This week, J’s family were all here for a visit. He’s got 5 … More What’s New?

Toy Chest Makeover

This is my great-great-grandfather, Joseph Tolman. He died in 1948, but at some point before he did, he made a small wood chest for his granddaughter, (my grandmother) Bonnie. She was his little darling–when Bonnie was 5, her mother, Ida, moved back home for a number of years before she married the man I knew … More Toy Chest Makeover


I just got my 2010 Census form the other day. Being one of those goofy people who loves to fill out forms, especially if they involve little boxes for each individual letter, I sat in the boys’ school parking lot, waiting to pick them up, and filled it out immediately. It was so bizarre to … More Census


All my life, I’ve believed the old adage that “People don’t change.” I think it’s generally true that habits die hard, and certainly that people do not just spontaneously change…they really have to want to. I do believe change is possible, but that it’s generally hard work, and most people just aren’t willing to put … More Platitudes

Aaaaand we’re back.

Can I just say, I think this was the most beautiful week at the coast we’ve ever had? Only one day was overcast and a bit misty–the rest of the time it was just sun, sun, sun. Glorious temperatures, beautiful sunsets, and that fabulous salt-air smell. I couldn’t get enough of it…it was so hard … More Aaaaand we’re back.

Mmmm, chowdah

Our not-so-annual-lately trip to the Oregoan Coast is coming up soon, and I am so excited I can hardly stand it! To some, I know it sounds like the most boring vacation ever: we go to the same little town every time, stay in the same hotel, eat at all the same (amazing!) places, and … More Mmmm, chowdah