Fefferbooks: you know, for book reviews!


As a lot of you know, I love to read. I usually burn through 60-70 books a year, and I’m a longtime member over at Goodreads.com, where I like to post ratings and reviews of everything I read. I also recently joined BookLikes.com (which still confuses the crap out of me, but I’m there!), but I’ve been thinking for a while now that it might be nice to have a little more freedom of expression for my reviews. Goodreads is an awesome tool for sharing book ideas, and I use it constantly to decide what to read next, but I don’t usually want to express everything I’m thinking or feeling about a book over there. So I started my own book blog. :) Come see me at fefferbooks.com!

If you’d like to follow, I’d love to have you! I’m already in contact with a couple of authors about doing new book reviews/ARCs, and I’m really excited about doing what I love on the web. I’ll still post here–this is my “me” blog, and I’ll be around to share recipes and knitting and everything else I’m up to. But if you like to read, come check me out!

4 thoughts on “Fefferbooks: you know, for book reviews!

  1. Hey, Felicia! No, no fees that I’ve seen. I’m trying to figure out how to get it to link up with everything, which it looks like it does. It seems like it could be a cool little community, though!

    Sent from my phone. Enjoy the autocorrects!

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