A Birthday of Olympic Proportions!

Because I married The Most Creative Man in the World, when the whispering and weirdness starts around my birthday-time, I always know I’m in for a treat. This morning, they finished up their preparations (“Uh…Dad needs this box, Mom. Um, for work!”) while I was sequestered to my bedroom for a couple of hours. They were at least nice enough to allow me my laptop, so I got some prime Pinterest time in.

I was finally freed around 10:00, and handed a white sheet, a gold laurel crown, and a “torch,” while the Olympic theme blasted from downstairs.

This picture is so flattering! Hahaha.

So, clearly, I was in for something spectacular.

The backyard was all decked out for Olympic events!


Archery (with Nerf dart guns)


Discus throw (with little Frisbees)


Relays and a long-distance run, in slow-motion, complete with Chariots of Fire soundtrack.

Oh, and check out my official team number:


Not pictured: beanbag shotput, paper airplane javelin throw (my only gold medal!), equestrian races, cycling, and basketball. My mom, one of the foreign dignitaries, was even able to make it before things wrapped up, and she lasted quite a while in the basketball event. I think my kids were impressed!


The closing ceremonies involved gifts and Olympic-decorated cupcakes! Yum. My family were good to me, as usual. I got all kinds of running gear I asked for. It was a fun morning!


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