Why I need a vacation after Christmas vacation!

I’m chuckling a bit at my last post. I’m not usually one to overburden myself, and I generally settle into a nice rhythm of craftiness, laziness, and quality family time during the holidays. Not this year! I decided it’d be fun to have this be the year of handmade Christmas gifts, which did turn out to be fun and more special (on my end, at least). I think I may do it again, but for heaven’s sake, someone please remind me to START EARLIER!!

Oh, and there were just a few other errands and projects thrown in for good measure. Just to give you an idea, in the last few  weeks, I…

  • Prepped for two birthday parties
  • Made a birthday cake (hers is prettier) and a few goodies for neighbor gifts 007
  • Made several errand runs, each with the world’s most ridiculous and belligerent almost-three-year-olds in tow (can you blame me for doing most of my Christmas shopping online?!)
  • Took the van in to be repaired before its warranty expired
  • Sang at a Christmas dinner party, and made giant pageant animals for another
  • Helped my brother purchase a Christmas gift from a cruise ship
  • Attended extra evening choir practices for the world’s most ambitious church choir undertaking
  • Took myself or kids to four different doctors’ appointments (Ear infections! Blood tests! Barfing!)
  • Made dinner for a sick friend from church
  • Hand-made presents for my brother,
    Read square
    his two sweet-pea daughters
    and his son (there were velcro-covered wiffle balls to go with this🙂 ),
    both of my parents (patterns here, for knitters!),
    the in-laws (I forgot to take a picture!), some ladies from church (recipes here!),
    a family friend (pattern!),
    Pi Topper007
    and my grandmother (pattern).

And all this, on top of all my usual duties as mom, chef, maid, Cub Scout leader, and wife. All I can say is, I need a nap. Please don’t wake me until 2013.🙂

2 thoughts on “Why I need a vacation after Christmas vacation!

  1. I haven’t told you THANK YOU for all the fun Christmas gifts! The girls aprons are just darling, so perfect for them!!🙂 Parker was in love with his from the moment he opened it up. And the Read picture is perfect and already hanging in my entry way! You are always so thoughtful and crafty! Someday I hope I can do crafty things like you!🙂 Thanks again! I miss and love ya!

  2. Oh, yay! You’re welcome! I’m so glad. We love everything so much, too. Audrey is toting her doll around everywhere, and Ro’s taking Lightning to bed. The boys have played chess several times (and their LaserPegs are strewn all over their room–something’s always in the works). And did B tell you we played our game last weekend? It was really fun!

    I just wish you guys could have been there for the opening of the dolls. My abs hurt the next day.🙂

    Miss and love you, too. XOXO

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