Feffer really does knit.

Hey, remember when this was a blog about knitting??

This month, with the Olympics in full swing, the Ravellenic Games (I still can’t get used to that name change. Gack.) have been rolling, too, and apparently they’ve been the impetus I needed to kick my knitting into gear. I signed on to knit a pair of Fightin’ Words by Annie Watts. I’ve never really done any stranded colorwork before, and even though I’ve never found fingerless mitts to be practical, these just made me laugh. They’re awesome, and I needed a pair. No idea where I’ll wear them, but they kinda kick butt, right?

I finished these in just a week, and I’m completely addicted to stranding now. I’ll finally be taking on the Bird in Hand mittens I’ve had in my queue for ages once the weather cools off. I’m excited.

With that finished, I jumped right back into the final rows of my Rock Island. I have literally been working on this shawl for a year.

I am not a slow knitter, but holycrap, this pattern was rough on me. I like my knitting to be mentally interesting, and as cool as the finished product is, this one includes a lot of repetition. It took me three months just to get through that zig-zag edging, and after that, I didn’t want to even look at it for a long, long time. The end was kind of a killer, too–it’s smushy and fantastic, but the whole middle of the shawl is just back and forth rows of knitknitknitknitknitknitknit. I thought I was going to die.
Anyway, it’s finally finished, and I’m onto new, fun things! I think I’ll start on  a pair of cool, silky Flutter-by socks. They should go quickly and, hopefully, keep my interest. Yay for knitting!


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