Just a little update!

Just now, I’m plunked down in the corner of my little red couch, impatiently waiting for some chicken to marinate for dinner while the babies take the world’s longest nap (FOUR hours!) and all the boys watch Mythbusters reruns. It’s my favorite kind of Saturday.

It’s been an eventful couple of months for us–a broken ankle, a broken arm, and a house move. We’re getting settled in to our routine, though, at the new place, and enjoying the extra space. The decision to move came almost out of nowhere, so it’s been two weeks of complete chaos. Now, suddenly, here it is the end of June! A month ago, waiting for my ankle to heal, I’d have sworn to you that time was progressing backward. Ha.

Being down a lot, and then crazy busy a lot, I can’t say I’ve been doing a whole lot–at least, not anything terribly interesting. I did read about 15 books in that time period, and made about 8 zillion different meals I found on Pinterest. A whole lot of them were darned good, too! (Mini raspberry-swirl cheesecakes, anyone?)


My Crock Pot also saw a lot of good use. Those suckers are great for invalid-esque cooking.

Really, though, I’m so glad to be back on my feet. I get pretty despondent after a day or two of inactivity, so 12 weeks of that was rough. The minute I got the doctor’s go-ahead to “work out of the boot and off the crutches,” you know I threw those things out the window! I’ve really been enjoying my freedom. And planning projects. Andandand. More to come!


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