How would *you* feel?

Firstly, I would like to point out before I start that my husband is basically the best dad on the planet. He’s awesome at getting down and playing with his kids, making up games, getting into their little worlds, and generally just hanging out with them. Just as importantly, he’s a fair and usually very patient disciplinarian: good at explaining what his expectations are, making the rules appropriate for their level of understanding, and holding them accountable–in a good way. Basically, he’s everything I’d want a dad to be.

With that in mind, you have to see this note from Aidan:

Oh, my.


In case you find his nine-year-old new cursive hard to read, I’ll translate:

Why do you (almost) always say no to everything?


Imagine there is a time machine. You turned into a kid and I turned into a grown man. (dad) If I said no to everything, how would you feel?

a) happy

b) mad

c) shameful

d) sad


I’m fairly certain the correct answer here here is  “d.” And possibly Justin was supposed to feel something along the lines of “c” for his behavior? It’s so hard to be sure. Nine year old logic can be a killer.

They did have  a nice talk after this note was furtively delivered…. Something along the lines of how little we like to say no, but that he had, in fact, been warned that there would be no video games today if their room wasn’t cleaned within something like a four-hour period. Sheesh. We’re the meanest.


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