Things I have learned in the last month:*

  • How to keep track of time in 42-minute-“Law & Order:CI” intervals.
  • How to hold a baby on my lap and pins in my mouth at the same time (safely).
  • That the babies will stay most entertained if I actually hide their toys under my bed, thereby making them believe they’re getting into something naughty.
  • All the words to every damned moment of “Elmo’s World.”
  • That I can get away with an inordinate amount of stalling. Oh, the second part of the order isn’t due for three weeks? I’ll take a break for a couple of days, then. And then maybe I’ll just do a few and have another day or so off. Or a week. Or…shoot–are those due NEXT WEEK?
  • On a related note, I spend way too much time on the internet. Funny how much more gets done around here when both the laptop battery and the charger are dead. (shame)
  • How to deal with having my house in a state of almost complete chaos. “What are we having for dinner?” Who cares?! “Why are there free-range Goldfish all over the bed?” Who cares?! “Why are the babies polishing the kitchen floor with my underwear?” WHO CARES?!
  • That, of all the things you can step on, while Legos may be the most painful, pulverized Quaker granola bars are the most irritating. Those suckers stick to your socks FOREVER, and it doesn’t matter how many times you think you’ve picked off the little pieces or vacuumed up the remains, there’s still a piece on you, somewhere, that will haunt you ’til you’re dead. Take it from me: never, NEVER let your toddler eat a granola bar outside the high chair. It’s just not worth it.
  • That most of the things I stress about on a usual basis are totally ridiculous. (Seriously.)
  • But having my floor clean really is worth it.

* In case you weren’t aware, I’ve spent the last month sewing overalls for a customer via my Etsy store. I opened the store in July and have had a steady stream of business already, via the site and my affiliated blog, so yay! But one customer ordered a large quantity of overalls, and no matter how thrilled I have been for the opportunity to make them…OY, I am so ready for a break!


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