Have I really only missed ONE month?!

I swear, I was going to come over here and make some kind of epic blog post to catch everyone up on the thousands of things I’ve missed posting in the ages and ages since my last entry and…yeah. So. It’s only been, well, OK, 10 weeks, but that’s really not all that long and I’ve missed a month before. WHY DOES IT SEEM LIKE AN ETERNITY?!

It really has been busy around here. I’ve been directing the music for next week’s Primary Program, which has been both cool and quasi-stressful. We added some special musical numbers, and I’m really hoping they’ll turn out well, especially with a bit of extra practice this Saturday. Regardless, the kids are really sweet, and they’ll be cute no matter what happens.

Ohh, and let’s see. The boys got their yellow belts

and started third grade

and we went to the Night Glow balloon festival (COOL!), just one of a whole slew of fun things with friends

and there was a surprise online baby shower (giraffe! Isn’t he cute?)

OH YEAH, and I started an Etsy store (more on that in another post)

and the boys’ school Halloween party was last weekend

and, p.s., my kids are getting HUGE. The boys will be NINE in two months, and just after that the babies will turn two. I guess maybe I’ll have to stop calling them “the babies?” (nah.) They’re getting so big, I can hardly stand it. They talk constantly and, actually, A “read” me a book today: “Blue coat! Oopf!” She’s got it memorized, the smart little stink. She’s naughty and stubborn and and absolute riot. R is the sweetest boy God ever put on this earth, and is nearly always running and smiling. R’s favorite phrases are “thank you” and “they-you go!” He loves to give me things. Even Especially if they’re realllly gross. I can’t remember life without them.

Oh, and their Halloween costumes are almost finished. A will be a fairy princess, covered in autumn leaves and sunflowers, and R will be a frog prince. Awww. I can’t wait to take them Trick-or-Treating!


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