Make your own Pediasure!

As you know, I’ve got twin babies, and they were premature. Last month, their pediatrician (whom I love) was a little worried because they’d taken a dive in growth, both weight- and height-wise. She wanted me to try a month of PediaSure to see if it was hopefully just calorie related, and see what happened. Good news? It worked.

Bad news? PediaSure is expensive–like $1.75 per serving where I live. They have a couple of rebate and coupon offers available on their site, but when you need to buy 20 6-packs of the stuff to get your babies through a month (and that’s just to supplement two feedings a day!), those offers don’t make much of a dent. I paid, well, let’s just say upwards of a car payment last month to get two little bums padded.

I did try to find less expensive alternatives online, but every search turned up answers like Carnation Instant Breakfast, mixed at varying strengths. Ew. …I used to drink that stuff when I was pressed for time in high school, and I remember how gross I felt. It’s gritty and sugary and tastes like dirt–not the kind of thing you feel good feeding to your babies, know what I mean?

This month, I asked our pediatrician for an alternative, and, again proving her awesomeness, she gave me her recipe for homemade PediaSure. I’m sharing the recipe here in the hopes that others like me, who are desperate for a less expensive PediaSure alternative, will find this and get some good use out of it, too. Happy blending!

Homemade High-Calorie Pediatric Shake

12 oz. vanilla ice cream (abt. 2 fat scoops with a regular 1/2 cup disher)
1-1/4 c. apple juice
1 c. frozen fruit
2 scoops Vanilla Whey Protein (my preferred brand)
2 mL Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron*
1 small or 1/2 large banana (OR 1/2 avocado)

Blend all ingredients well and serve!


Store any remainder in the refrigerator. Makes about four 8-oz servings; keep in mind that I’m making shakes for two children, so I’m using enough Poly-vi-Sol for two kids. If you’re planning to feed just one kiddo with this, you’ll want to either cut the vitamin content in half, or halve the whole recipe (making two 8-oz shakes). You can also add chocolate syrup or other flavorings for variety/calories (though it’s got plenty of those–keep reading!)

Nutrition info: Per 8 oz serving – 256 cal, 6.3 g fat, 35.4 g carbs, 14.6 g protein. That’s 32 cal/ounce! Also, vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and iron. Now my favorite part:

Total Cost*:

Ice cream: 1.50/half gallon
Fruit: 2.99/pound
Frozen juice: 1.79/16 oz
Protein powder: 32.98/5 pounds (and you can get it cheaper)
Poly-vi-Sol: 8.99/50 mL
Bananas: what? About 59 cents/pound?

1 batch shakes: $3.58
1 8-oz serving: 89 cents

Verdict: happy babies at my house!

You’re welcome.🙂


This post has blown up since I wrote it, which makes me happy, because that means it’s helping lots of people. As a way to get just a few quick repeat questions out of the way: 

  • I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but this recipe was given to me by a board-certified pediatrician. I can’t guarantee its results, but it worked really well for my twins, helping them to put on weight, and my doc insisted that it was nutritionally sound as a meal replacement. However, she did want me to still feed them actual food first, using this as their beverage afterward, because the goal was to add calories, not replace them. They did not always finish their serving of PediaSure-replacement after eating, and that was OK.
  • I have no experience with replacing ingredients with soy/lactose-free/vegan/low-fat alternatives–I followed this recipe to a T. I can’t imagine why it would be a problem to find a work-around for allergies, but please keep in mind that PediaSure delivers a specific balance of fats, carbs, protein, and vitamins. Babies and small children need all of them in their diets, and in different amounts than adults. Make me happy, and if you plan on cutting all fat out of your young child’s diet, please don’t tell me about it! I’d also suggest running any substitutions past your pediatrician (and maybe the original recipe, too, just to make sure your doc’s cool with it.)
  • Because it’s not made with a bunch of shelf-stable preservatives, this stuff does not store well for longer than about 12 hours. I mixed up as much as I would use each day when I made breakfast in the morning and kept it in the fridge, but it would separate overnight and shaking it didn’t help much. The one time I tried to feed it to my kiddos like that, their tummies didn’t like it. I can’t imagine that it’d fare better in the freezer–things that separate in the fridge usually do so more quickly when thawed.

* All prices listed were current only as of post-date of Apr 27, 2011 @ 17:48 and are subject to change. Links to provided for convenience; any  price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase, if made, will apply to the purchase of these products.

122 thoughts on “Make your own Pediasure!

  1. Dude. Seriously? ICE CREAM? That actually sounds like a little kid’s dream! And it’s absolutely awesome that you went and made your own. You’re a rock star mama!

  2. I am so glad to have come across this. My son is 3-1/2 and he is so picky. He is gaining weight just fine but there is no way he is getting everything he needs. I went to Walmart to price Pediasure today and almost threw up right in the aisle. lol I was hoping that there would be a recipe somewhere that didn’t include weird ingredients that I would have to search out. Thank you! and I am looking forward to trying this.

  3. Bless you. We have a small kid -the dr’s had us on Pediasure for weight gain too and now she won’t give it up. SO expensive and I’m not so thrilled about the whole processed aspect of it. Plus it seems to block her up sometimes, but this- with all the fruit- it’s fabulous. Thank you!!

  4. I just wanted to say thank you.
    My child was labeled with failure to thrive in January and since then we have increase her fat intake and yes, pediasure was one of their recommendations. She has also gained 6 pounds since January (a terrific accomplishment!)
    My daughter has been drinking 3 bottles a day, which is $3.00 a bottle (in Canada). I have also been stressing about all of the ingredients that I am not sure of. We have fed my daughter purely organic products up until pediasure….. so I will enjoy trying your recipe and I will feel proud to serve her something I created for her.

  5. I also almost passed out at the grocery store yesterday when i saw the price of pediasure…came home andought there must be another way…thanks for the idea!

  6. I found this post originally on Inspire’s Preemie forum. I continued to search for other receipe and found this one again so I am definately going to try it now! I am happy to have found it🙂

  7. I am so frustrated with my son’s picky attitude.He is five and kind of skinny.I have tried pediasure(which helps) but way too expensive for me.God bless you for sharing.

  8. My 3-year-old foster son (soon to be forever son!) came to us with a serious eating disorder due to malnutrition and neglect. He has survived on whole milk and Pediasure for the last 7 months and I have struggled mightily to get *any* real food into him other than the milk. I can’t wait to try this!

    Dos anyone know if it goes through a sippy cup? That’s the only way he will drink.

  9. Hi, Sue,

    I’ve had no trouble getting homemade Pediasure through a sippy cup. Once in a while it seems a tad thick, so I’ll either dilute it with a little milk or warm it for 15-20 seconds in the microwave, which I think probably thins down all the ice cream solids.

    Good luck! And congrats on the impending adoption.🙂


  10. Thank you for sharing! My daughter doesn’t gain weight either and Pediasure is breaking the bank!

    Thank you so much!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! My son really needs Pediasure, but is allergic to dairy. Now I can replace the dairy with soy based products and we can start working on his weight gain!!

  12. Thank you soooo very much for this recipe!!! My youngest was diagnosed with Failure To Thrive 1.5 years ago, had to have an N-G tube for 6 months, and is now needing to continue eating PS every day. This recipe will save me so much money each month. I only wish I had known about it when she was first diagnosed because we were doing 3 bottles/day back then. Now it is closer to 1-1.5. THANKS!!!

  13. Awesome, love it!! Thank you! Question–do you also give regular whole milk or formula to your kids in addition or is this mixture the primary liquid they drink each day? Thanks!

  14. Well, with regular Pedia Sure, there isn’t enough water in it to keep your baby hydrated properly. When my baby was on PS alone we also had to add in a couple oz of water to each feeding to keep her properly hydrated and help avoid constipation. This recipe may have more water in it, though. I’m not sure. But, YES, this should stand alone without the need to use formula in addition. It is designed to be a high calorie replacement (or so my daughter’s GI told us) We were told not to give her formula in addition to the PS. Hope that helps.

  15. Thank you so much for this! My 1 year old has food allergies, and was a preemie too. He is so picky and doesn’t want to eat anything yet! This will help him!🙂

  16. Thank you so much! When you say 2 scoops of protein powder, how big are those scoops? I was only able to find Jillian Michaels Whey Protein powder, and the scoop looks huge.

  17. You’re welcome!

    My scoop is pretty close to 1/3 cup. I hope that’s helpful!🙂


  18. Aah! I thought it posted here, but I must have just emailed Simone back–for anyone else who might be wondering:

    > Question–do you also give regular whole milk or formula to your kids in addition or is this mixture the primary liquid they drink each day? Thanks!

    My kiddos do milk in addition to this, but only after they’ve finished their shake. According to my doc, it counts as a milk/formula substitution ounce-per-ounce each time they have one (2x a day right now.) Also, I should add that I started using whole milk instead of juice in the shake to amp up the fat/protein just a bit more. You could always check with your pede to make sure on your end, though. I didn’t start using Pediasure/homemade until my little ones were over a year old and off formula, so that may affect things differently.

  19. THANK YOU!!!!! My 2yr old has down Syndrome and was born with an esophageal fistula. He had surgery to fix his esophagus when he was 2 days old but we are still pureeing his foods. Not to mention he has become seriously picky!! I was looking for a way to get him more of what he needs nutrition wise, but the pediasure is breaking the bank here!!! So I am so happy I found this!!!

  20. I’m curious how you came to the nutritional content. Is this an estimate or did you have a chemist check the mixture for the nutrient levels?

  21. No, no chemist–I just used simple arithmetic and the nutritional info listed on each of the products I used.🙂


  22. How many calories are in the ice cream you use? My ice cream says 140 cal for 1/2 a cup (I’m using 6oz). I’m making 1/2 a batch of the recipe, but based on my calcs I can’t get the calorie count to get up to 368 for each 8oz.

  23. I believe I was using Dreyer’s Grand Slow Churned when I calculated everything–it’s what I use now, because it’s pretty high in cal/fat. I may have been using another brand then, but it would have been similar. Hang on…let’s see if I still have my Excel sheet. I’m on a new laptop, but I think I kept it. If so, I can post it for reference.


  24. Lamamama, I plugged half-servings of everything into my spreadsheet, and still came out at about 395 cal for 8 oz with a 140 cal ice cream.

    Here are my original numbers:

    Ice cream: Serving size – 4 oz
    Cal: 135
    Fat: 7
    Carbs: 15
    Protein: 2.5
    Amt. used – 12 oz, so multiply by 3 for whole batch:
    Cal: 405
    Fat: 21
    Carbs: 45
    Protein: 7.5

    Fruit: Serving size – 6 oz
    Cal: 90
    Fat: 0
    Carbs: 22
    Protein: 0
    Amt. used – 8 oz, so x 1.3:
    Cal: 120
    Fat: 0
    Carbs: 29.3
    Protein: 0

    Juice: Serving size – 2 oz
    Cal: 120
    Fat: 0
    Carbs: 29
    Protein: 0
    Amt. used – 10 oz, so x 5:
    Cal: 600
    Fat: 0
    Carbs: 145
    Protein: 0

    Whey protein: Serving size – 33 gr
    Cal: 130
    Fat: 2
    Carbs: 4
    Protein: 25
    Amt. used – 66 gr, so x 2:
    Cal: 260
    Fat: 4
    Carbs: 8
    Protein: 50

    Poly-vi-sol: Serving size – 1 mL
    Cal: 2
    Amt. used – 2 mL, so x 2:
    Cal: 4

    Banana (avg. med.)
    Cal: 90
    Fat: .3
    Carbs: 23
    Protein: 1

    Grand Totals for Batch:
    Cal: 1475
    Fat: 25.3
    Carbs: 250.3
    Protein: 58.5

    Makes approximately 32 oz. Divide all by 4 for 8-oz serving numbers.

    Cal: 368.8
    Fat: 6.3
    Carbs: 62.6
    Protein: 14.6

    Obviously, my numbers are all based on my specific products, but they’re a good rough estimate for most. Keep in mind, i you only make a half-batch, you’d multiply everything by smaller amounts for your total batch, but also only divide by 2 at the end instead of 4 since you’re making fewer servings.

    Also, disclaimer, I am not a doctor or a scientist–this is just math, and I’m just a mom following doctor’s orders.🙂

  25. And now that I look at the post, I was using cheap-o generic ice cream, because we were still doing this 2x a day–which is how we came out at $1.50/half gallon. The generic ice cream was 135 cal/serving. Looks like the Dreyer’s Grand we use now (not Slow Churned! I misspoke. Just the regular) is 150 cal. I think 135 is plenty, though. Pediasure clocks in at 240, so a finished shake at 368 is nothin’ to shake a stick at.🙂

  26. Ahh, I see what’s different….I think it’s the juice. Are you using directly from concentrate to get all those calories? Diluted I think I get 120cals/8oz juice. In any case, I love the recipe and so does my LO!🙂

  27. Oh, gosh, you’re right! Holy smokes, I missed that when I was looking at the serving size on the label! So, yeah, it should be 8 oz instead of 2 for the juice for a serving.

    With that adjustment, I come out at 256 cal. (6.3 fat, 35.4 carbs, 14.6 protein), and 32 cal/oz. I need to fix that up in the post. Thanks for catching that!


  28. Gotcha! Still is a great high calorie drink and replacement for pediasure! I’m so glad I came across this post🙂

  29. FYI – If your child was born and diagnosed with low birth weight and your state offers WIC, WIC will cover Pediasure. That is true for NYS but it must be prescribed by the Pediatrician. There is a form that must be filled out and submitted.

  30. We just moved, so mine is packed, or I’d tell you the brand name…it’s the stuff at Costco, though. I think it’s about $ 43 for 5 lbs and comes in a blue and black zip-top bag.

  31. I know that this comment is late. I have a 22 month old that has been on the small side since birth and he is only .22 lbs. He is a very picky eater. Thanks for this recipe I add strawberry syrup🙂

  32. Hmmm…it separates if kept more than about 12 hours in the fridge, so I wonder how it would handle thawing? If you do try it, though, let us know how it works out! ___________ Sent from my phone, so we’re blaming any weirdness on Swype.🙂

  33. Thanks for this wonderful recipe. My 7year old is a picky eater also she went To the doctor a few days ago for her annual physical and the doctor said that she has only grow a 1/2 of a inch in the last year that really scared me. The doctor said that she need to eat more protein but she just won’t eat anything and it’s like pulling teeth to get her to eat veggies. So I was looking for way to purchase pediasure for cheap and came across your recipe can’t wait to try it ,but I have one question do I have to add the vitamins being that she already takes chewables the doctor prescribed?

  34. Hey, Trinity! I think if it were me, I’d skip the liquid vitamins and just do the chewables. I hope this is helpful for you!

  35. Hello again!
    I have a few questions. I was looking at the ingredients in pedisure and whey protein concentrate is of the ingredients so should I use that? Or is any whey protein Good? Which on do u suggest?

  36. Whey protein (powder) is what my pediatrician told me to buy, so that’s what I get. If your grocery store doesn’t carry it, you should be able to find it in most drug stores, natural food stores or vitamin stores like GNC, or even Costco, not to mention online. I don’t even know where one would buy concentrate, but that would definitely affect the amount used, because of the concentrated form, and I’m not sure what the measurement would need to be changed to.🙂

  37. It’s me again!
    When you say frozen fruit could it be any kind and do it have to be vanilla ice cream?

  38. Sure–any kind of either. I just like vanilla because it’s a pretty neutral base, but you could choose anything. I change up the fruit a lot.

  39. a great thing about the overpriced pediasure is the DHA Omega 3 to help support brain and eye development. Any way of incorporating that into the home-made recipe???

  40. Hmm…no idea on that one. Seems like I’ve seen Omega 3 supplements available in nutrition aisles, but I can’t speak to how well they’d translate here, or do the job.

  41. Actually, I found fatty, lactose-free ice cream yesterday! I might try your recipes today. Thanks so much.

  42. Hello thank you for posting this! How long can you store this in the fridge for? About as long as you would milk?

  43. Oh, I’m glad you asked-I’ve found that the protein powder starts doing odd things to the consistency of the mixture after about a day, so I stopped mixing up more than we would use in 24 hours. If I tried keeping it longer, I could shake it up and it would *look* normal, but one of my little guys would toss his cookies if we fed it to him.

    Hope that helps!

  44. I am ecstatic to have found your recipe!!! My 18 month old is not a picky eater but has an extremely fast metabolism that I obviously envy!! Lol plus she didn’t want to ween bo matter what!!! So pediasure to rescue but even buying the cheaper brand we are talking at $8 the 6 pack and baby girl drink that stuff like if it was water, meaning 3 times a day!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!!

  45. I’m so glad you have this recipe on here. My dr just mentioned I should try finding an adult version of pediasure to make at home. I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and although it seems I’m getting slightly better, the bactrim antibiotic I have been taking wont let me keep anything down. As an adult, I feel utterly helpess, really can’t do anything with this nausea behind me at every turn.

    The ice cream I don’t have, so I’ll try non fat milk and frozen bananas to make it cold.

    * lindsey: I do have a suggestion for you. If your kids can have soy milk, whole foods, trader joes, super target or even your local grocery store should have many different knows of soy milk that have fat and flavors such as vanilla.

    I wouldn’t be able to do ice cream. I would just feel very light headed. I don’t do very well with sugars unless they’re in small amounts.

    Thanks for this and being available.🙂

  46. When you add the iron supplement to your kids shake does it stain their teeth purple or does it just blend in with the rest of the shake and not do anything? My daughter had to take liquid iron supplements and it made her teeth purple for a while

  47. Oh, huh-uh! My little guy was doing the homemade Pediasure 2x/day and we never had any problem with tooth staining. That’d be a bummer!

  48. Avocado would work! Honestly, I think you could leave the banana out and be ok. It doesn’t add much, calorie-wise. I’ve mixed it up without before when we’ve been out of bananas and the flavor has certainly been just fine.

  49. I was just wondering why ice cream. Also Im just looking around to find other ways of helping my VERY picky 18mo old get all the nutrients he needs do you strongly suggest this recipe or any others that can help that would be great thanks!

  50. That’s just what the recipe my pede says to do. I’m assuming it’s for the calories and fat content, both of which are very important. I do love this recipe, both because it was given to me directly by my pediatrician, and because my children really enjoyed it. But obviously, I have no personal investment in what you do with your kids. You have to do what’s best for you!

  51. I’m looking forward to making this for my 17lb 17 month old. The Pediasure is definitely so expensive! Any thoughts on how long this can be stored in the fridge or freezer after mixing?

  52. It doesn’t freeze or store that well so is best made in fresh batches! You can set aside pre-measured servings to quickly assemble.

    One idea for ZL on the Omega 3 is to use whole milk w/ Omega 3 (Horizon brand has this) instead of the apple juice.

  53. So glad to find this. My grandson (2-1/2 yrs) won’t eat anything and only wants milk, all the time. I didn’t want to give him the Pediasure because of all the sugars, so hopefully this might do the trick. I tried to make him one of my smoothies with RAW vegan protein powder, but anything that doesn’t even look like milk, he’ll just toss his cup. My question is why whey protein powder? I don’t think my grandson is by any means undersized, but my concern is getting the vitamins and nourishment he needs through something other than whole milk. PS – I’m not vegan/vegetarian, i just thought this was a good protein powder for my use.

  54. Hi, Pauline! I guess I’m not certain I understand your question–do you mean why whey protein instead of any other? I’m not sure, specifically. I’m just listing what my pediatrician told me to use, and that’s what I buy. I do know that whey is a milk product, and that’s about the extent of my knowledge about that. I’m not at all familiar with vegan protein powder, so I can’t speak to any possible nutritional differences between the two. As far as vitamins and nourishment, though, I do know that my pediatrician assured me that ingredients in the recipe were chosen specifically to provide everything a child would need. My babies were clinically underweight (one diagnosed as failure to thrive), and so the point was to provide me with a tested recipe that would offer all the nutrients they needed to grow healthily and to gain weight. Does that make sense?

    I hope that answers your question!

    On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 12:41 PM, Fefferknits

  55. As for the omega-3 the best way to do this would be flax seed. I use ground flax seed in everything, it is rich in fiber and omega 3 and makes your skin look amazing. It’s also pretty tasteless when its ground. They give it to horses to make their coats shine. I sprinkle it on everything..I even sneak flax seed into my husbands meals for extra fiber and he has no idea. *snicker* You can purchase it at your local grocery store for under 5 bucks for a pretty large bag if you want ground. If you want the oil they should have that as well but I don’t know the price. The oil tastes god awful, just an fyi. It’s similar to drinking a raw egg. If you’re into that, go for it, but I don’t lol..

    As for the DHA ingredient, I found this article which was posted last year and is worth reading as it is concerning and the FDA has been known to not be the brightest crayon in the box at times. I’d rather not risk it, however.

    Thanks for the recipe, my 6 year old is soooo peckish and I have been wanting to get some sort of supplement for her but it’s so expensive. She was just diagnosed as anemic so I’m definitely going to give this a shot.

  56. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I’m a young single mother and my doc wanted my son to gain more weight at last checkup and suggested routine pediasure. Needless to say the cost of routine pediasure is just too much! Thank you thank you for this post! Thumbs up🙂

  57. Tried this today and my son said that it was pretty good but he wanted a chocolate one so we used chocolate whey protein and it wasn’t chocolatey enough. So tomorrow we are going to use chocolate ice cream and the chocolate whey protein. Hope it works out tomorrow! Thank you for posting this Jen!

  58. Also would like to add that I ran this recipe by my sons dietician and she loves this recipe! She said it is better than pediasure because it doesn’t have as much sugar, it uses real fruit and she also suggested that if you don’t want to use so much ice cream then to substitute yogurt for all or part of the ice cream. Thank you so much once again Jen this recipe is awesome!!🙂

  59. My son loves pediasure but the price is just too steep. So, thank you for posting this!
    Quick question, could I skip the fruits? and could i change the apple juice with something else? He’s not a big fruit person ;s
    Thank you again

  60. Hello! I know this post is old….but just want to know if your children improve in weight/height since they started to drink your homemade pediasure.? My daughter is also failure to thrive, son definitely will give this a try!

  61. Hey, Michelle! They did, definitely. My daughter showed a huge improvement. My son, who was diagnosed FTT, gained a big chunk and started gaining in height, after just one month. It’s good stuff.

    Sent from my phone. Enjoy the autocorrects!

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  63. Hi I just came across this post and i know it’s late but for the person who asked about omega 3’s. I actually use organic hemp oil from manitoba harvest. it’s drug free and gives the perfect amount of the nutrient w/o the mercury risk of fish oil or the tummy upset with flax. I use 1 tsp in a full 32oz serving per day. I give my son an all organic diet since he was 3 months old because he has NF1 and I worry about all the preservatives/chemicals/GMO’s in the foods these days. My Dr. says it’s perfectly fine to give hemp oil because it is not from the plant but the seed and does not contain THC. Also, I use (all organic) whole milk, whole yogurt, honey, whole banana, 1 scoop of whey protein and 1 tsp of the hemp seed oil. Hope this helps with the omega 3 question some may have.

  64. Hi! Thanks a lot for this. I have been looking for Pediasure and you can’t buy it in Austria. Just out of curiosity, how old where your babies when they started drinking this? My kids are 1, 4 and 5 years old. They are all really skinny (they come after their dad). The two younger ones don’t eat much. They eat everything, but just a spoonful and they are done!! I am hoping to be able to sell this as a “reward milkshake” with their afternoon snack.
    Thank you!!

  65. You’re so welcome! I think they were just under a year old when we started using this. They’re 3 1/2 now, and one of them still gets a shake as a “treat” now and then! It really is tasty. I hope it works for you!

  66. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!😉. I have a picky 18 month old on my hands and she is tiny. I have a few questions. She likes her milk warm…she won’t drink or eat anything cold….not even ice cream.😉. Can I just replace milk for the apple juice and skip the frozen fruits since I have to heat it up? Will I be losing out on the caloric and nutritional value if I make these substitutions? Thank you so much!

  67. You can replace milk for juice-you lose a few calories, but it’s negligible. Dropping the fruit altogether, though, isn’t something I’d recommend. If you want to make it warm, maybe you could use fresh fruit of some kind?

    Sent from my phone. Enjoy the autocorrects!

  68. Thank you so much for your quick response!😉 Yeah, I don’t feel good about dropping the fruit either. She does get lots of it throughout the day though. I just hope the fruit doesn’t make the milk curdle. Who knows…maybe she will drink it cold eventually.😉 Can’t wait to try this! Thanks again!

  69. What you choose to add, or not, is always up to you. But to have the full nutritional content of the original recipe, yes, you would still add it.🙂

  70. Thanks so much for this helpful recipe! Just a question- what frozen fruit did you use or did it matter? And do you have any thoughts about replacing apple juice for apple cider. I made this and replaced the poly-vi-sol with blackstrap molasses.

  71. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind. Approximately how long does it take to blend the ingredients together and is there a certain speed you are using? I just made this today for the first time and it seems to be so thick and airy. I had to dilute it with water because my daughter couldn’t drink it through her sippy cup or bottle. It seemed to be a bit too whipped…? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  72. Yes, whipped and airy is definitely accurate, compared to the stuff you buy off the shelves. I’m sure you’re doing it right. I’ve diluted it a bit, or let even microwaved it a touch, though both can compromise the nutritional content a little–not enough to make a difference in the fact that my kiddos still gained weight on it, as desired, though. That one’s up to your judgment. Also, the consistency does settle a bit after some time in the refrigerator. Seems like I doctored the first serving in the sippy cup a little, and then it was fine the rest of the day. Hope that helps!

  73. Hi, I have read all the comments on here and would likt to ask you if you have ever made the chocolate one you mentioned on here? My little one only drinks the chocolate pediasure and it is really nice but very expensive. If you have made the chocolate one could you please write down the recipe for me? Thanks so much

  74. I just add a couple of tablespoons of Hershey’s syrup to the mix for chocolate. You could use cocoa power (the kind you use for baking), too–I’ve done that in my own workout smoothies. Just add the chocolate flavor to taste; the rest of the recipe would stay the same.

    Sent from my phone. Enjoy the autocorrects!

  75. Cant believe how quick you reply, thanks for that. Dont know where to get the syrup in UK but will try chocolate powder. Its just that it has to be really chocolatey and cant taste of fruit. So I guess I have a bit of a challenge here.

  76. Does anyone with a picky, very specific eater have experience with how their child took to this recipe after being hooked on pediasure for a long time took to this? Is it equal in texture and taste to vanilla pediasure. My son is 3 and will only drink vanilla pediasure as his “milk” which is somewhere around $50 a week. He won’t even drink the thinner Sidekicks version. Thoughts?

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  78. I have a very picky eater myself and he took to this very well. So picky that his only lunch for the last five years has been peanut butter sandwiches (he hates jelly and jam). With it being able to be adjusted to their likes so if they don’t like the banana flavor you can use a different fruit or if you find his tastes change you can liven it up with chocolate whey protein powder instead of vanilla or anything. You can also substitute the milk for yogurt. I have also passed this recipe by my sons nutritionist and she loved it! It has far less sugar in it than pediasure does plus it has the added bonus of ice cream so the kids think it is a treat anyway🙂

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  80. My daughter is delayed developmentally and has feeding issues she takes nutren jr bc its made w whey and the pedisure was so heavy shed vomit . Makes me sad though knowing she needs to drink it a few times a day and isnt filled w healthy ingred. Im going to try this over the weekends and see how it goes before sending it to school

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  83. Thank you so muh for this recipe. I’m in the exact same boat. Twins- micropreemies not gaining enough weight and dr wants pediasure. My little guys are 1. My question is..what kind if frozen fruit do you use? In the picture your smoothie looks vanilla but the only frozen fruit I can find has berries and it changes the color. My little guy didn’t drink it, so I’m going to try to spoon it I to him next time. Hopefully it will work. Thanks so much.

  84. That might be tropical fruit (pineapple, mango, etc)–I used all kinds, though. Whatever works for your kiddos should be fine.

  85. I just found this recipe and am absolutely excited. I have a four-year-old that is autistic and it is so difficult for me to find things that he’ll eat. he has serious sensory issues and I have been looking for a recipe for a replacement shake. Each one that I found seems to have gross disgusting ingredients in it that I don’t think I could get my kid to eat…. I am totally going to try this and I am so excited thank you so much!

  86. How many times do you give this to your kids each day? I have twins and they were premies as well they are almost 2.5 years old and they will not gain weight and they need too. Thank you

  87. We don’t use this anymore–my babies are 5 now–but I believe we tried for at least a couple of times a day. It wasn’t supposed to be a meal replacement, but a a supplement to add calories whenever we could because they were so underweight. We used it instead of juice or water or whatever other drink we might have offered. Does that make sense?

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  89. I cannot even begin to thank you for posting this. My son is just past 2 years old and in the mid to severe autistic range and unable to speak. He refuses to eat solids so I am having to puree his food and feed him via pouches. He is very picky and pediasure was the one major thing that had helped keep weight on him. As with most autistic individuals, he is extremely resistant to change and it is akin to wrestling a bear trying anything new with him. There are times when we almost have to force him to eat. His pediatrician, who is amazing, was truly concerned and we nearly had to place him on a feeding tube.
    I came across this in my desperate search for something else that would be just as good, but healthier and cheaper. I tried it the very same day.
    He LOVES it. I can make a batch of this and sneak anything into it! I’ve even pureed chicken and veggies into it and he doesn’t even notice! His mineral and vitamin levels are perfect and his pediatrician said his proteins are perfect. He has even begun to exhibit more focused behaviors that has helped immensely with his therapy, he is communicating easier and his eyesight is improving because of the extra fats from the avocado I have been able to feed him through this.
    Thank you so much.

  90. It’s a bit thicker, at first, but I found that if I warm it up a bit it thins out. I think it’s something about the ice cream in the blender that kind of emulsifies a bit and froths, if that makes sense. Good luck and if I can help further let me know!

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