Knitting update!

I’ve been knitting!  I know, I know–it’s been a while since there’s been any evidence of yarny goodness going on around here, but I swear, the needles have been flying behind the scenes.

For ages now, I’ve been plodding along on a couple of pairs of gloves for the boys. Way back in November, they asked me if I could make them some gloves with insignia that matched their super-secret alter egos, Smoke and Fire. For some reason unbeknownst to the adults who love him, J’s “Smoke” logo is a lightning bolt, while “Fire” is, unsurprisingly, fire. A asked for red gloves with an orange flame, and J wanted blue on blue. Here’s a pic of one of J’s gloves, finished. A’s are still in the works.

It’s taken me forever, because I discovered that intarsia is not a good idea for gloves. They need to stretch across the hands–they don’t lie flat and drape like a sweater might–and that stretching means that the intarsia joins make holes. It’sssss…bad. I realized it was bad, but kept going and made a glove for each anyway before scrapping everything and starting over. This go-around I used duplicate stitch, and it not only looks much better, but makes for a warmer glove.

Part of the reason the gloves took so long is that I interrupted them for a whole other project; but for good reason. I volunteered to help a fellow Raveller and test a shawl pattern. I was thrilled to take on something completely different, and really, isn’t this just lovely?

It’s the Cala Shawl by Mindy Wilkes. Aside from the fact that Mindy is a good friend and I’d be happy to pimp any pattern she wrote, I have to say that it really was a pleasure to knit. I’ve never been much interested in triangular shawls before, but once I blocked this little beauty and draped it over my shoulders, something just…happened. It was so…comforting! Warm and lovely and drapey and just yum. So go buy it! I highly recommend. (This rave completely unsolicited by the designer. 😉 )

Next up? Another test-knit, this time for wattsolak. It’s a darling little hat for the wee chickie.


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