New digs

February is nearly over, and without a post yet! February always flies by quickly, of course, but this year, things have been far too busy for my taste; even when I’m busy with good things (and some of them have been very good) sometimes I just need a break, y’know?

For those of you who don’t know, we moved this month. We’re famous for making whirlwind life choices, but this one was a real gold-medal winner for speed.

The truth is, like so many people in this economy, we’re losing our home. We’re lucky in many ways: J still has a job, and we haven’t had any horrible medical emergencies–none of the awful things that generally cause people to have to leave their homes has happened to us. We were simply in over our heads to begin with. It’s an elaborate story, but the long and short of it is that we signed our (ridiculous, not-what-I-asked-for) loan papers, so we made our own bed. As a result, we’ve spent more than three years trying to struggle to make ends meet. Making the decision to finally snap out of denial and call the mortgage company was heart-rending, but it was the right decision: that I know. And the other solid truth I have is that, even though it was too expensive, living there, building that home, in that area, was the right decision too. I would not have changed any of it. (Well. Maybe the loan terms. 🙂

And so, here we are, in our new (rental) home–which, let’s not forget, was found for us by one of the lovely, squishable, friends I got to know because I lived in that previous house. Being the possessed sorta person I am, I think I spent at least a week working straight 10-hour days on my feet, scrubbing sinks and organizing closets and washing loadafterloadafterloadafterload of laundry. But I got us all installed here in about 2 weeks, and there is nary an unpacked box to be found. No, not one! Are you impressed? Fixtures are clean, art is hung, and everything (except the wall clock that fell down) is in its place. We’re feeling settled. I even found a bit of time to knit this week.

And that’s our February. Also, Rowan says “Cheese!” (the macaroni-and- sort, of course.)


3 thoughts on “New digs

  1. Wow! You are amazing! I understand the change stuff. Roger just left for Virginia yesterday and I am trying to get a few things packed away so that the house is more manageable. Trying to decide if we should sell or rent the house. Lots of craziness here. I am glad that yours is settling down.


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