The Things I Promise My Kids

So I promised my boys we’d decorate for Halloween this year. I don’t know why I promise these kinds of things. I actually hate Halloween decorations–they’re not pretty. (I almost wrote that I hate Halloween, but then I realized that that’s a big fat lie. What’s to hate? It’s just a giant excuse to eat candy. And I do. I buy Halloween candy from the moment it’s on the shelves on September 4th and don’t quit until I’ve looted the boys’ buckets after trick-or-treating. Who loves Reese’s? I do.)

And so I dragged my overtired rear to Target this morning and spent $30 bucks on Halloween decorations. Styrofoam gravestones, orange mini-lights, giant cobwebs, and a white sheet set to tear up for ghosts to hang from the trees; oh, we’re set. Along with the four jack-o-lanterns we’ll be carving this weekend (another thing I’ve promised), it’ll be ghastly. I mean ghostly. Whatever. They’ll love it.


4 thoughts on “The Things I Promise My Kids

  1. If I could only get this costume spray-painted. AAAAAAAAAARGH! How do I get suckered into making his costume? He tells me, “Mom, you make the best costumes.” I’m not falling for it next year!

    Congratulations on decorating. At least I know I am not the only one who falls for the smiles and great hugs.


  2. $30 is a great deal for the smiles you’ll see on the kids’ faces! 🙂 I don’t like Halloween decorations much but bought a few for the trick-or-treating they had at work for kids…how could I not help go all out for the kids?


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