I keep meaning to come and post…

and then I come here, look at my blog, sigh, and then close the computer. I’m so boring these days. I’ve been having trouble with my thyroid lately, and after the radiation treatments, everything just makes me feel tired and blah. I haven’t done much lately, so I don’t feel like I have much to talk about, y’know?

I have been reading a lot lately, though, and knitting some. I’ve made a couple of hats lately:

Rainbow Marley hat for Rowan

Pink Paper Bag hat for Audrey

and finally finished Rowan’s Pembroke vest to go along with the Boheme I made for Audrey.

Pembroke Vest

I also made a little christening outfit for my nephew, which was a fun adventure, since I offered to do it with less than a week before his blessing day. 🙂 It turned out well, though, I think!

Parker's Placket Pullover

Now on to some socks, made with self-striping yarn from String Theory Colorworks. They’re going to be BRIGHT–big, fat, practically fluorescent pink and black stripes, and I’m loving them already. It’s mindless knitting, but considering my complete lack of brain power lately, I believe they’re just the thing.


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