I’m sensing a trend….

What did I tell you?

Meet Angee

I had the flu last week, and really all I could do was lie around and…well, lie around. Occasionally I had the energy to knit while I lay there. But not having the mental energy to work on Justin’s sweater (more on that later) I made the boys dive through the piles of sock yarn under the stairs, and started this lovely lady. Isn’t she pretty? I’m rather pleased. Angee is a quick pattern–I’ve never worked on a sock that goes so quickly, which means that now I really get the sock thing. It actually can be mindless knitting! (OK,  OK, there are yarn overs and decreases here…but I really don’t enjoy literally mindless knitting. It bores me. I like a chart to keep the Alzheimer’s at bay. But I digress.)

In any event, my first Angee sock took me exactly one week to finish, whereas a Kristi sock took me a month–so these are clearly easier, and I found them really fun. No second sock syndrome here! I’ve already busted through about 1/5th of sock #2.

Which means, of course, that I’m neglecting Justin’s sweater.

The interminable Branching Aran

Poor Justin–I started his Branching Aran Guernsey in 2006, sometime. Back before we lived in this house. Back before there was a Ravelry! (gasp!) I was a fairly new knitter back then, and it was slow going, since I was still using a cable needle to work all those travelling stitches. These days, it moves much more quickly, but there are 5 repeats of a very long, complicated pattern, and it gets tedious after just a few rows. I’m nearly finished with the front, though, and hopefully Justin will have this sweater before said Alzheimer’s actually sets in.


4 thoughts on “I’m sensing a trend….

  1. The socks is beautiful! I’m on a sock kick right now too – I think the heat of summer does it too.

    I do hope the sweater goes well – it really is lovely!


  2. I really wish this were a couple of shades brighter so when he wore it Justin could say, “My wife likes me in bright colored sweaters…”
    Also I’m sad I can’t figure out how to follow your blog. I’m totally (obviously) behind on reading it…
    I’ll try the email notification thing again and see how I do.


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