C’est fini!

I’ve spent the last two months busting my rear on little christening outfits for Audrey and Rowan. I’ve loved making them–they’re so wee! And pretty! And white yarn really does look so crisp and sweet all knitted up. But I’ve been ready to be done, now, for about two weeks, so I’m proud to announce that I’m finished!

Dåpskjole 3/5 from Sandnes Dåp Tema 02 Baby

Just in time to call it a 2009 project, I finished seaming and weaving at the in-laws’ house on New Year’s Eve. Hooray! It still needs blocking, as does Rowan’s Nikau, but I’ll get to that later.

Here’s the weird thing: I don’t have too much later to draw on! I was thinking this morning about how the babies will likely be here in early February. “But that’s still two months aw–HOLY CRAP!” I realized. “THAT’S IN ONE MONTH!” So yeah. Needless to say, I’m glad I’ve pushed myself to finish up the nursery and get these outfits done.

It’s insane to think that I’m 31 weeks already. By this point in my last pregnancy, my blood pressure was getting dangerously high, and by 32 weeks I was on bedrest. Unbelievably, my 140/90 in October is as bad as it ever got–I read 122/80 at my appointment last week, and things seem on track to continue to go well. (We’re not going to think about the fact that the blood pressure was the reason I had the boys so early. I want these kiddos to be healthy, but I am going to be really grouchy about every day I carry them after 36 weeks.) Regardless, though I’m healthy, I’m horribly uncomfortable these days. Everything’s just so enormous and heavy, and I can’t roll myself out of the couch anymore or sit in anything resembling a ladylike position. It’s just awkward.

I’ve also been having contractions. Like whoa. I didn’t have a single one last pregnancy (well, I had some when they induced me, but they were so wimpy I couldn’t even tell whether I was having one or not). These have been intense–some of them so painful that I have to quit talking and just breathebreathebreathe. They’re also pretty regular sometimes, so it’ll be interesting to see whether I go into labor on my own for a change. But until then, more knitting time for me!


2 thoughts on “C’est fini!

  1. Such a lovely lovely christening gown! It is great the kids will have the heirloom as beautiful as these! I’m hoping the last month or so of your pregnancy goes well – sending good vibes to you! Enjoy all that extra knitting time!


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