Two by two

Two carseats. TWO.

I took this picture a few weeks ago. I’d spent about an hour getting the seats all put together the way I wanted, and putting on the little BundleMe-s (because February babies get cold!) and suddenly it hit me. Two. TWO carseats! TWO BABIES. AGAIN.

I think I’ve been having a hard time really comprehending what this means, the second time around. Last time, I had to buy two of nearly everything–we had two cribs set up and waiting in the nursery, two high chairs, two playpens, two of every little outfit. This time, most of that stuff is still stowed away in the storage closet. We’ve only bought one crib, because that’s all you need for the first several months. And even when I buy clothes, it’s not two of the same thing. I buy something for Rowan and something for Audrey, and they don’t even always coordinate. So it’s been hard to wrap my head around.

And then there are the completely new concepts: We will be a family of SIX. I will never be able to drive a regular sedan again. Every last chair at our table will belong to someone. It’s just plain strange.

Things have been going well, though. I’ve only had a couple of little episodes with contractions, and so far, I’ve managed to stay off bed rest and even lower my blood pressure a little by staying down. It’s hard not to be able to do everything I want to, but a) it wouldn’t be smart, and b) my body won’t let me, anyway. Between the pubic symphysis dysfunction (that’s a lot of “y”s!) and the femoral meralgia, I literally can’t stay on my feet for more than about 20 minutes at a time. Let me tell you, it makes grocery shopping interesting! Yep. I’m that usually able-bodied woman, scooting around the store in a Rascal. Oh yes. So glamorous!

It’s made cooking interesting, too. Thanksgiving is this week, and it’s my most favorite of holidays. There’s nothing I have to buy, no real stress. Just cooking, food, and family. Three of my favorite things, even if the first two are a bit redundant. Normally, I make a small-ish meal for just our little family, because Mom doesn’t usually make enough for many leftovers, and I really look forward to seeing stuffing in my fridge. But this year, ain’t no way I can lift a turkey! Regardless, I am determined to contribute to the meals we have ahead of us, and so I’m making Maple Smashed Sweet Potatoes and an Apple Pear Cranberry pie for my family. And Pumpkin Cheesecake for the in-laws. I’m so ready for all that fantastic food!

Meanwhile, the major benefit of all this downtime is lots of opportunity to knit. I’ve been working on blessing/christening outfits for the babies, but of COURSE I chose a yarn that’s DK instead of fingering, and the newborn sizes are would be enormous on babies whom we assume will be around 5 pounds. It’s been crazy–but good for my brain–trying to figure out gauge conversions and then remember to downsize those numbers by about 1/4. Every instruction to “knit X rows” becomes an exercise in algebra. Whew! See, and my 7th grade math teacher tried to tell us we really would use this stuff!

This is what I’ve got so far. Rowan’s outfit will have matching white pants, which I’m about 1/4 of the way through.

Nikau Hoodie and Pants

Audrey’s dress is a combo of two different patterns that were published in a Norwegian pamphlet. They’re all beautiful, but I picked and chose my favorite elements and put them together, which is making things even more complicated. But it should be gorgeous in the end. This is just the bodice, and it’s still missing a ruffly little eyelet collar.

Bodice #5 from Sandnes Dåp Tema 02 Baby

Mmm. I think the sugar cookie dough is done chilling. Cookies are good for the babies, right? Like, if I feel the need to eat seven or eight?


4 thoughts on “Two by two

  1. Looks like you’ve been busy. Those blessing outfits are beautiful. I know what you mean about Thanksgiving food. I can’t wait. Let me know when it comes time to bless those angels that are coming. We would love to be there. An early Happy Thanksgiving!


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