It’s Autumn Time! It’s Autumn Time!

And 85 degrees today. Well, at least it’s fall in name, and I’m ready for it. Fall’s been my favorite season for years–I love the crisp mornings, and it makes me feel like digging through my yarn stash and doing all kinds of project-y things.

I realized the other day that I haven’t talked about my knitting in a while. I’ve been working, slowly, on a Cleopatra Wrap in Debbie Bliss Pure Silk.


It’s meant to be 76″ long, so I have a way to go yet. But I’m pleased with how it’s coming together, and really enjoying the mostly-mindless knitting. I’m also thrilled that I’ll still be able to wear it on my pregnant body, once I get it finished.

Speaking of, I’m almost 17 weeks now, which puts me firmly in the second trimester. Can I just say how nice it is not to be EXHAUSTED all the time? I was taking at least one, usually two, naps a day, and feeling like filling the dishwasher was akin to a marathon? Well, that just gets old.

The babies are kicking quite a bit these days, and I’m still holding to my non-reason-based belief that Lefty is a boy and Righty is a girl. For some reason, that’s just who they seemed to be when I saw their first ultrasound. Lefty is extremely busy and bouncy, and especially enjoys jumping. No, really! He (see? “He.”) was jumping up and down through both ultrasounds, and I feel that same bouncing when I lie down to go to bed. Apparently, the side of my uterus is just as good as a trampoline.

Righty is a good deal quieter–I get more turning and stretching feelings from “her,” and she’s far less rambunctious. I found it interesting at my last appointment that Righty’s heartbeat was a good 20 BPM faster than Lefty’s. This has been consistently true, and it struck me that those disparate heartbeats might actually be confirming my theory. We’ll see in three weeks!

So, back to knitting, I have finished a few projects, but they came before I knew there were two babies in there, so I have a bit of catching up to do. I know, though, that if I put my wrap aside, it’ll take me ages to get back to it, so I haven’t started any more baby knits. I’m sure that once I know the genders, though, I’ll start flying. I’ve got a million projects queued up on Ravelry, and I’d love an excuse to knit them all. 🙂 I also have a ton of sewing I intend to do–I bought fabric for several maternity outfits (mostly dresses) and for both crib sets. Now that I think of it, I’ve got a lot to do in just five months! I’d better get off the computer and get going!


3 thoughts on “It’s Autumn Time! It’s Autumn Time!

  1. I cannot wait to find out if your theory is correct, regarding the sex of the babies!

    I love wrap. Very pretty.

    I got my very first sewing machine on Tuesday! Come help me!!! Please.


  2. I too love fall and while the weather has been to warm for fall it doesn’t keep me from thinking it IS fall.

    I love the fact that you’ve nicknamed the babies “lefty” and “rigthy”.

    That wrap is beautiful – can only imagine how comfy it must be!


  3. Hey,
    just wanted to let you know that my stock on hairbows is really low right now (darn school!) But I would be happy to make you anything you want! I am SO excited you are having a girl! lol


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