What. the?!

OK, I am on another planet. I am the Mayor of Crazytown. My life is so not normal that it would feel weird if something went as planned.

Because this?! This does not happen to everyone. In fact, it’s never happened to anyone I actually know.

bothcaptionedYes. That is another set of twins. WHAT. THE?!!

Yesterday was my 12-week OB/GYN visit, and I went in totally prepared to hear a heartbeat and FINALLY feel close to this little bebeh growing in my tummy. I’ve been having all the fun pregnancy symptoms, and giving up all the usual stuff, but so far it’s been hard to feel like there’s really anything in there. I was ready.

And then my doc couldn’t find a heartbeat. I was totally devastated, and spent hours crying, and talking to friends and family who talked me into getting an ultrasound, one way or another.

So I slapped down $80 bucks today, and went to have a private u/s. I was nervous. What if there’s nothing in there? What if there’s no heartbeat? Worryworryworry.

Uh, yeah–I saw two babies almost IMMEDIATELY. We were looking at a perfectly healthy, moving baby situated on the right side of the screen, and then the tech moved the wand, and suddenly this baby was in an identical position, but on the other side of the screen. “Ummmmm….!” is what’s going through my head, while I wonder if there’s any way the bean could have moved without our noticing. We watched the little one play on the left for a while, and looked at all the little fingers and toes.

And then I asked her to go back and check the other side. UM, HELLO!?! TWO HEADS. Two heads. Seriously. Two babies, one still bouncing around, and the other kind of waving at us. And then Righty got kicked a few times, and started bouncing around, too. More slowly, though. Unbelievable.

I can’t figure out what in the WORLD we are doing to come up with twins every time. It’s bonkers! I have PCOS–I’m  supposed to have a hard time getting pregnant! And yet, twice. On the first month off the pill. No interventions. Twins. Twice.

Righty (with a hint of Lefty over there.)

I think we’ll go out and buy a lottery ticket.


7 thoughts on “What. the?!

  1. My sis told me a few days ago, i loved reading your story finding out this insane news. How amazing! I hope i get to babysit! They are my second cousins after all.


  2. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it. I hope at least one of them is a girl…..:) You must be good with twins if Heavenly Father is sending them to you again…….It will be a blessing…..I am still just floored and excited for you. Just think of it as more blessings from Heaven.


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