Busy, busy bee

I meant to say last time that yes, those are my lilies up there! I know it’s full-blown summer when they bloom; they’re my favorite, and that bright yellow color, especially, makes me seriously giddy. I love that set of bulbs, specifically, because I planted them three summers ago when we were putting our old house on the market. I planted them and some peonies in pots, hoping to transplant them once they bloomed. I did re-plant the peonies once we had a new yard, but somehow I’ve never bothered with the lillies. Every fall, I put the de-stalked pot back on my covered porch, and every spring I’m shocked to discover three-foot-high stalks growing, despite a total lack of water or sunlight! Just a few weeks out in a bed with the benefit of sprinklers and sun turns them into these lovelies here. I’m always completely amazed.

Anyway. I came to talk about my sewing! I finally have the boys’ dinosaur costumes done. šŸ™‚


dinos 004

They’re seriously hilarious. Jonah says he’s going to wear his “every day when it’s sunny” (which means summer) and they’re upstairs right now, watching cartoons in them. They’d BETTER get some use out of them–I’ve never made anything that took so long!

I also got some of my bags finished.



The diaper bag still needs its chocolate-brown lining, but otherwise they’re all ready for the baby. Erm, 7 1/2 mos ahead of schedule.

Did I mention I’m already in maternity pants? Yeah. I need to hem a couple of pairs today, so I’ll have jeans this weekend. Unbelievable. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’ve been baking fresh bread on a bi-weekly basis. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, and I certainly don’t need the carbs, but oh well. Sooo yummy!

In other news, some of my girlfriends and I had a swap, and my lovely friend Anna and I got each other! It was so much fun shopping for her, and I’ve now discovered a serious love for WeeOnes stitch markers (I got her the sushi, which cracked me up).

Yesterday, the mail lady brought me all this!

001 002



Anna is from Sweden, and sent me loads and loads of fun (and tasty!) Swedish goodies. Including yarn–that’s a HUGE skein of Vikangarn. 440 yards, hand-dyed by Anna herself. šŸ™‚ Aren’t I spoiled?


7 thoughts on “Busy, busy bee

  1. Oh, I LOVE the dino costumes!!! If you ever feel like making one for a 6′ tall woman, let me know! šŸ™‚

    I’m glad you liked the Swedish goodies I sent you. I totally understand if you don’t like Kalles Kaviar though. I’ve seen more than one non-Swede spit it out…

    I’ve been in love with WeeOnes for a long time. It’s a love that lasts. šŸ™‚ And the sushi markers are adorable.


  2. Okay, now I’m reading and writing on blogs as if I don’t spend enough time that I don’t have on the internet. But I love, love, love the bags, the dinosaur costumes and the name. Needed to delurk to say so!


  3. Thanks for finding me on facebook! I found your blog through your profile! You are one talented mama! That diaper bag is amazing! And your boys…well what can I say, they are the cutest dinosaurs I have ever seen!


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