I can haz sweater!

O hai. I finally finished my Twist! (Rav link)

It took me two months of knitting and four days of staring at it, wet, blocking on my sweater rack, but I’ve now been able to wear this yummy piece of cabled goodness, and I can definitively say that I love it!

I wasn’t sure I would when I started–this yarn (Knitpicks’ Andean Silk) has been sitting in my stash for more than a year, waiting for me to get down and get busy. And I couldn’t decide what the frick I wanted to do with it. I asked some of my girlies to put it to a vote, even. And then totally ignored their advice, of course. LOL. But Twist is such a great pattern! The stockinette sections, which I was sure would bore me to death, get broken up nicely by the easy-to-memorize cable pattern. Which looks great when it’s all finished.

I added a few extra stitches to make room for the boobages, and threw on some Celtic looking buttons, and after the aforementioned blocking period, here’s what we got:



The color’s slightly off in these pics–it really reads as more purple, but it’s close-ish. I think I’ll re-block a bit smaller next time, too, since the yarn stretches a bit with wear. But it gets really soft on soaking, and feels drapey and slightly heavy. It’s great. Great yarn, great pattern, great experience! Can’t expect anything more from knitting!


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