I’ve really been looking forward to today’s appointment with the endocrinologist. (Side note: I nearly forgot about the appointment today. I had a productive morning, and settled down to an afternoon of West Wing reruns and knitting, only to have my chiming phone remind me at the last minute that I had double-scheduled a voice lesson and the doctor. Gah! Well, at least I’d already showered!)

Anyway. I’d had my blood drawn for lab-work last week, and since the last three tests have all come back with increasingly positive news, there’s been no reason to expect anything different. Visits to the endo always have a happy ending.

A little background is necessary here: some of you know I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease last summer. It has virtually no impact on my daily life,  with the tiny little exception that my hair continues to fall out in distressingly copious amounts. No joke. Buuuut, well, I always did have a lot of hair, and it’s still pretty well hidden from the untrained eye. I’m coping, but still–it’s disturbing. We do not speak about what will happen if this continues.

Back to our explanation. Graves’ Disease is a form of hyperthyroidism, which means my thyroid’s producing too much hormone. That, in turn, causes the pituitary gland to slow down its production of TSH, or “thyroid stimulating hormone.” Make sense? You don’t need to be stimulating your thyroid to make more hormone if it’s already going berzerk. And mine is, so my little pituitary just plain shut down the factory. My levels were ZERO when we started, and we haven’t even bothered to test since then, because it can take a while for the factory to get back up and running again.

So. Off to the doctor I go. This time, we’re testing to find out whether there are any signs of life in there, because ideally, my TSH levels should be nearing normal levels. It’s been seven months of daily pill-taking, stressing over hair loss, yadda yadda. Aaand? No. Nada. STILL ZERO.


Moment of silence goes here. Oh–that faint sound you hear? That’s the angst chipping away at my sanity.  😐

In other news, it’s about sixty degrees and sunny outside, so it’s hard to be too irritated by anything today. I think I’ll go out for a walk.


4 thoughts on “News?

  1. after the rush to the Dr., the copay, and waiting on the cold white paper, don’t you feel like they owe you something? Hope your next results are better than zero love.


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