Those crabs are not sleeping.

So last night, we’re watching Anthony Bourdain bash into a whole bag full of steamed crabs (yuuum) and Jonah says, “Hey, WAIT a minute! Those crabs are not sleeping.”

Uh-oh. Um. Mild panic, as I realize that my failure to correct what I thought was a cute misconception may now completely disillusion this child. Crapola.

“Ohhh,” he continues. His tone tells me he’s figured it out. “They’re not *real* crabs–they’re FOOD crabs!”

Heeheehee. “Yes, well,” I agree, still nervous over how this life lesson will go down. “They were real crabs, and then they died, and *now* they’re food.”

“And now they taste gooooood!” he crows.

🙂 Yeah. This kid knows what’s up. Even if he’s never had a bite of crab in his life.

In knitting news, my Twist is coming along beautifully, despite the fact that I can’t seem to get a single row of the shaping done right. I’m distracted on this one, but making up for it on the next row works just as well. Who cares if it’s not perfect, right? It’s just for me. It suure is pretty, though! I’ll wait until I have some real sunlight to take some good pictures. It’s hard to capture the color of this yarn.


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