Hourglass Bliss!

So, check it! After about four tries at the yoke, this sucka is FINISHED! Despite all the rigamarole, I still really enjoyed this sweater, mostly because I so enjoyed working with the yarn. The hype really isn’t overblown–Malabrigo is where it’s at. It’s so cushy and soft running through the fingers, and it stands up to multiple frogging sessions surprisingly well.

So here it is! The Hourglass Sweater (Rav linkie).



This pic shows the color best–and it is fab with the red hair (when it’s styled), I must say. Even though this entire sweater is one giant piece of horizontal emphasis, I don’t care. It’s frickin’ cute. And soft. And squishy. And I heart it.

What’s up with the picture? Well that, my friends, is what happens when you’re trying to take ridiculously precocious shots of yourself with the timer. And your kiddos interrupt with a tickle-fight. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Hourglass Bliss!

  1. LOVE the sweater! I’ve thought about knitting that same sweater in Malabrigo, but I would have to buy the pattern first. It looks like it might be worth it though!


  2. Weehoo!!! I love it!! I’ve had this in my queueueue for ages. I think you may have inspired me. I’ll tap you on the shoulder for neckline help, though! :muah:


  3. Looks great, Jen!

    SJ gave me Malabrigo ijn Bobby Blues that I used for a Holey Cable. Your blue looks like it in that last picture, but I see on Ravelry that it isn’t the same…

    Hope you get to wear it a lot!


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