So, I don’t think I’ve glee-d over my Christmas yet! (Shut up. It’s a word.) It was pretty incredible in a lot of ways, but as usual, I got spoiled both in the kitchen and knitting-wise. I got some really nice cake pans and pie tins, a huge cooling rack, another great Barefoot Contessa cookbook, and a killer knife sharpener. (No pun intended! Haaaaaa.) And J even got me a cute tin of Sprinkles cupcake mix. Hee! I need to make those. Cuuupcaaaaakes. Yum.

Knitting-wise, Mom gave me Knitting for Baby, a really cute baby knitting book I’ve wanted for a while. And I finally convinced the family to head to the LYS and get me gift certificates! Both Justin and my MIL did just that, and they also collaborated to get me the chart keeper I wanted and to finish off my set of DPNs. Thanks to them and Friender, I now have everything from 0s to 9s! It is *bliss* to knit with these suckers instead of the aluminum nasties I’d been using. They were cheap and beaten up, and their paint was chipping off. SERIOUSLY.

I got lots of other fun goodies, but as usual, my favorite part of Christmas was spending time with my family on Christmas Eve. We always get together early in the evening and nosh, hang out, and get silly. We had a really lovely dinner, as usual, and sang songs and talked about Christmas with the kids. Opening presents becomes a far less materialistic thing when I get to spend that kind of time with the people I love most in the world. I’m so grateful to have all my family here, living right next to me.


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