Tangled Yooooooke!

To quote Carrioke. Hee.

So without further ado, presenting: pictures! Yeah, I’ve dragged out this presentation forever.



(Dig the wrinkles under the chest from when I folded my arms at church?)

It took me something like four months to knit this, which is a long time for me. I really just worked on it in tiny bits and pieces–and since it was for me, there was no rush. I wore it yesterday, after I finally blocked it back down to the right size (it knit up perfectly, but blocking a second time, after seaming, was a bad idea…), and YAY! I’ve finally made a sweater I can wear!

Modifications: I made it 2″ shorter from the underarm to the top of the sweater. I think I’ll find a way to do this with all my sweaters from now on, because I really am extraordinarily short there. Consequently, I should have taken the same amount out of the sleeves, but I managed to shrink it out of them when I blocked the sweater this last time. I also knit the sleeves separately (using a provisional CO on the body) since I was afraid I was short on yarn, but I didn’t need to do that. Made me feel smart, though.

P.S.: To whomever is stealing my cat: STOP IT! At first, I thought she was just going out for a little male companionship, so I’d crack the garage door and not worry about it. But now, when she does finally come back, her fur’s room-temperature, and she smells like frickin’ perfume!! ARGH! Don’t people know better than to take in other people’s animals? I mean, honestly. She has a tag and everything. Well, actually, I take that back. Today her collar has magically vanished. Grrr….


9 thoughts on “Tangled Yooooooke!

  1. LOVE the sweater. Beautiful job! Okay, what do you mean your first sweater you can actually wear? What about Mr. Greenjeans? Hmmmm.

    It looks lovely on you. Well done!

    That’s bizarre that someone is taking in your cat, then letting it back out – sans the collar. Maybe you could bug your kitty and find out where she’s going?


  2. What?! Someone’s “borrowing” your cat?! Gah!

    I like the idea of bugging her. :teehee: Does anyone you know have a little GPS tracking device you could use?

    I KNOW!!! Go around to all your neighbors, ring the bell, and when they answer SNIFF them!


  3. I finally fugured out you were here. I was like Why all the commenting when she hasnt updated for like two months. I’m glad i know where to look for whitty writing and knitting tips. I really would like to learn actually. Just to make little beanies for the boys. Love the ones with the small brim on them. I can’t believe you made such a fashionable sweater by hand…you are super knitter. So, i hope our house sells super fast so we can be up there asap. i can’t wait for a change! Love ya JADE! bah hahaha


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