When Things Are Good…

I forget to blog. 🙂 And things have been pretty awesome around here lately! I mean, just got a new haircut, which as we all know, is enough to make all right with the world. So. It’s also the holiday season, which is my favorite time of year. The Christmas tree’s up, the music’s playing, and almost all of my shopping is DOOONE! I hit a huge sale at Kohl’s yesterday and cleaned up. It was sweet.

So, the tooth fairy’s about to make her first visit to our house! A lost his first tooth about a week ago, but we keep forgetting to put his tooth under his pillow. The hilarious thing is how forgetful we *all* are about it. Oh, well. They’re so easily excited–it’ll still be a HUGE deal when we get around to it, which hopefully will be tonight!

Oh! And for some seriously big news, the Tangled Yoke Cardi is done! I still need to take pictures of it on me (that weren’t taken, badly, with a self-timer). It’s super-cute, though, and I’m loving it. I’m working on an Hourglass Sweater now, in my Jewel Blue Malabrigo.



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