This is just to say…

I’m cabling! I’m cabling! I’m cabling on my Tangled Yoke! (And I also made bobbles. They are teh pretty.)

But what I really wanted to say was: SNOWBALL FIGHT!


5 thoughts on “This is just to say…

  1. I’m glad you had fun. It didn’t even snow at our house- no fair!

    I’m sure there will be plenty to come this winter. I’m ready to enjoy more fall weather. (My favorite time of year)

    Have a great day!


  2. *Gasp* I can’t believe it’s you dear cousin. I haven’t talked to you in the LONGEST time. I thought of you at Thanksgiving. Remember when you came to Gma B’s and we ate leftover Turkey (with melted butter and salt)- watched Days of our Lives and gave ourselves really crappy french manicures? Oh- those were the days. I miss you. We need to figure out some way to see eachother soon. Love you.


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