It’s Finally Fall!

We’ve had our cold snap a little early this year. I can usually remember when it’s going to be cold, because it generally happens right after J’s dad’s birthday, which isn’t for another week or so. But it was below freezing last night, and mmm…it’s sweater weather!

Whenever I see leaves turning, my mind rushes back to a specific moment back at BYU. I walked on the path that skirted the far southwest side of campus, just beyond the Maeser and heading toward the old President’s House. That part of campus was still untouched for the day, and the winding paths and most of the still-green grass were absolutely covered, ankle deep, in giant, crispy, orange and brown maple leaves. Everything around me seemed drenched in a kind of glow; though the weather was cool and crisp, the sun filtered warmly through the leaves that still clung to the sheltering trees. Somehow all just seemed…right with the world. I remember kicking my feet through the leaves and feeling so at peace with myself. Fall’s always been my favorite season since.

So. I’ve been reminded that you-all need pictures of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan! Modifications so far: none, except for the fact that I’ve put off making the sleeves, because I’m not certain I have enough yarn. The pattern calls for 11 balls, and I only have 10. So I made the sleeve caps, using a provisional CO, and then attached them to the body as written. (After trying 12 times to understand the instructions, doing it incorrectly once, searching Ravelry for help, looking at it 15 more times, and then almost Rav-mailing the designer. I figured it out in composing the message to her. WOW, I would have felt like an idiot if I’d sent it. Eunny Jang is sort of a design goddess. Doh.)

Anyway, I’ve got 1/2 inch of stockinette left before I get to start the cabled section. Woot!

Close-up of sweater body.
Close-up of sweater body.
TYC held up for show
TYC held up for show.

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