Six Word Memoir

Genuine tagged me with a quick little meme, and it’s taken me two whole days to come up with six words to describe myself. But here it is:

“Puts out fires all day long.”

Why? Dude. I have twins. Apart from that, in an average day, even though my life seems pretty boring, it seems like I put out millions of little ones. Today was a little more ridiculous. For example, our recurring ceiling leak…recurred. We had to race the clock to rip open the patched hole in the boy’s bedroom wall so we could climb inside the “Hole to Narnia” and poke around in the quasi-attic, searching frantically to find the d%mn leak, finally, before it stopped raining.

Of course, it stopped raining just as we got the hole open.

Luckily, it started again several minutes later, and we have success! We finally found the leak! Guess where it is? Up in the actual attic. With actual access. This better be the last time we have to patch that stinking wall.

Oh. Let’s see. I’m supposed to tag 5 more people. How ’bout:
Anree, Stine, Essjay, iKate, and Leigha.


3 thoughts on “Six Word Memoir

  1. Your links are broken, dear.I don’t suppose I can steal your six word memoir with the explanation, “I work in publishing”?


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