Sooo…not much really going on with me right now. Mr. Feffer has gone back to work after a long vacation, and I’m adjusting to having more time to myself. Yesterday was spent feeling a tad lonely, but today’s been quite nice! I went on a renting spree at the video store, and I’ve gotten a lot of knitting done on my Mr. Greenjeans. I’m making it in black Malabrigo, and I’m loving it! It’s my first Malabrigo project, and it really is luscious! Mmmmmmmmm-y soft!

Oh–here’s my one moment of entertainment for the day, though. Anyone who’s seen Disney’s Peter Pan should get it: my older son showed me his pirate ship today. They got these for Christmas, and they’ve been a big hit–they have lots of little features and hidden gadgets; anchors and booty and secret doors, etc. Well, this child discovered a little trigger that makes the plank pop out from the side of the ship, and in his delight asked me, “Mommy?! Is this the ‘Choice Is Up to You?'” :roflhard:

I spent several minutes trying to convince him that it was called a plank, but to no avail. :teehee: Thanks, Disney! Aaaaaand now that song’s been stuck in my haid all day.


2 thoughts on “Honestly…

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I always tend to take things too personally and overreact. :hug: I’m SO glad you’re enjoying your first mmmmmmmmexperience! :projecttwinsies:


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